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An insider's view of the OOL technical support call center. I am an OOL techical support representative and I've created this blog to give you an insight into the workings of the call center as well as help you get inside the mind of the guy who is helping you.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Last Post

This is my last post as OOLTech.

When I started this blog I had a few areas I wanted to explore. The pressures we techs are under, the type of people we have to deal with, incompetence, etc. As time went on more topics came to mind. But two things have happened: 1) I'm out of ideas and 2) I've moved on.

Yes, the good news is that I am now with a company that appreciates me and pays me what I'm worth. Management treats me like a human being, the work is interesting and varied and I'm not under a microscope as soon as I walk into the building. Life is now good.

I wish I had back the time I spent in that shithole, I really believe that if I didn't have this blog to vent in, I would have gone postal.

Thanks, all, for reading and I hope I accomplished my primary mission: to give you an insight into the workings of the call center as well as help you get inside the mind of the guy who is helping you.

And now it is time to reveal my identity: All of you that work in the call center know me as

+++NO CARRIER+++....


At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

know you as...?

At 6:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

chicken shit
say who you are!!

At 7:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

chicken, what remains at TSG is full of chicken shit ass clowns, why do you care who the blogger is? It's right their if you were close to him, but obviously your not because your too busy under managements desk. carry on with your miserable, under the constant eye, existance at TSG, it will be short lived. Good for you blogger, and I know you will do well at your new career, It doesn't get any worse than TSG. You have joined a long list who find better.

At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly... how I feel is that this blog truly turned away from what it was "supposedly" meant to be about in the beginning. Everything in this post to follow is how I feel, it is an opinion. So those of you that want to bash whatever is said, it would be kind of you to refrain.

"An insider's view of the OOL technical support call center. I am an OOL technical support representative and I've created this blog to give you an insight into the workings of the call center as well as help you get inside the mind of the guy who is helping you."

That statement right there originally appeared to empower the techs in the call center. This blog was created as an insight to educate Cable Subscribers on exactly whom they are talking to on the other end of two copper wires. Ironically, in our case... most of the time it's people talking to you through a RG-6/U Coaxial line.

But it seemed that as the posts continued on, and more and more people read this blog that it seemed to veer away from that. It began to take a turn for whining about the company, complaining how bad management is, taking shots at other fellow technicians, and meaningless Union Plugs.

No matter where you go in life, no matter what job you work for... you are never going to love it. Unless you are the proverbial "Bill Gates" of a company, and even then I bet he holds his head in his hands sometimes and asks why. It is part of the invaluable human condition to want more, and to want better. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and you will always want... what someone else already has.

I personally have walked in many different shoes in my life thus far. And in the moment, things always did not look the best. There was a few instances where I "couldn't wait to get away from this place". I'd whine, get into arguments... try to change the system... yadda yadda yadda, all to no avail. But now, when I look back at those times, I don't look at the bad. I look at what I gained, where I came from, and the experiences I enjoyed.

A famous saying I always had was that "you always remember the bad things, and never the good things, because the Bad things have a much greater impact on your life." Well as much as I say thats true; once all the smoke clears, not saying you totally forget, but the bad things really don't seem as bad anymore. And you yearn to remember the good things.

Maybe not everyone shares that view, but I know quite a few people from TSG:SH that would. Believe me on that.

Now just to finish up with what one of the Anonymous posters wrote. "It's right their if you were close to him".
A lot of techs aren't that close, and if you work there you know that much. Some people work nights, others days... some overnights. You never know everyone you work with, and I doubt the blogger truly verbalized that he owns this blog at the call center. Last thing he wanted was to be persecuted for what he did in his off time.

And also "what remains at TSG is full of chicken shit ass clowns"
Until you can actually go tell management to go fuck themselves, I suggest being mindful of those thoughts. If anything, I can murder you on your grammar. But then again, mine is not perfect either. Lets all try and be nice to each other.

Like I said in the beginning, I am not trying to bash anyone, just enlighten those I feel could benefit from my comments.

At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations OOL tech. I know exactly how you feel. Its like a long horrible nightmare is over. I spent 5 long years in that cubicle farm, only to find myself making barely $2.00 per hour more than what I started at.

I am extremely grateful for my new job. Its 9-5 M-F with all holidays off. I was hired as a network administrator to assist in an upgrade from NT 4.0 to Server 2003. I out performed the senior admin from day one and as of today I am the senior admin.

Not bad for a "slacker".

Thats what I and all the other union organizing volunteers were known as by the incompetant management team that slave drives TSG. I take a great deal of comfort knowing that most of my friends from the VOC have moved on to better jobs. Every person I know that left CV is happier now. I havent heard one person say that their next job was worse. Its completely impossible.

But have no fear all you TSG techs still stuck in the trap. The next campaign is about to begin. According to my buddys at local 1049, the Cablevisiontechs site is getting a makeover and new blood is coming in to reconstitute the VOC for both field services and TSG.

For what its worth, my time working with Rick Fridell and the organizers at Local 1049 was one of the most rewarding times of my life. We moved and shook Cablevision to its foundation and put the fear of their own employees into them.

If you'r content to take what they give, then so be it. You will get what you deserve. But if you dont see yourself leaving in the near future and you want a better deal, then contact Local 1049 of the IBEW. Sign one of those cards. You can bet that one day this company will be unionized. The name on the door may not be Cablevision though. Maybe Time Warner, Comcast or even Verizon, but you can bet the desire of an abused workforce to get a better deal will never die. Neither will the IBEW's faith in th Cablevision workers to stand up and do something great for themselves and the American worker.

A parting coment to all the management types that will no doubt flame me as soon as they read this


At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i see the guy that posted at 7:06 am was a losser tem that got the boot

At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't have to love your job, but their should be an environment you can at least survive in and tolerate. Especially when your doing something like this every day. A day at TSG feels like a week, a week feels like a month, etc. etc. It's mentally exhausting for any normal person, and they don't care about you surviving and making a living here, just what they can get from you now, until you burnout. You see, Some people actually need a job to make a living, you speak as if everyone is 18 and just stepping through and growing, of course we constantly grow and learn from past "mistakes" and I will absorb what is neccassary. Nothing at TSG is neccassary and I see it as a nightmare, a mistake in my life, and it was all nonsense to make certain people look good at what expense? employees leaving one way or another, it's a horrible place to work and you know it, so don't try to justify it. It is not a bad job because of what I am doing, but because of the way we are treated and looked upon as some super phone robot with insane expectations, disposed of like high school kids, nobody really listening to all that burnout, just if you can't handle it, get out. How many people are left on Long Island that have not worked here already? No person can last under such conditions. Most people need to pay bills now, and need to make a living now, sorry for not being at the same stage in life as you are, and as many know, their is no chance of surviving here, working for a large media company doing something that is probably more difficult than anything else they have done in life thus far, and that is ridiculous, I think it is. We have a right to hate this company, why not, so many do, and who cares if that is what it became, Plenty of people in and outside hate this company for what it is, and they created that environment/image not I, with what they do. Don't give me the greener grass speach, for I have heard it all too many times from pathetic managers and people like you in this company, the grass doesn't get any browner is more like it.. Guess what, the grass is much greener no matter what you do, as long as you leave that hell hole. I am well aware of what life is like, but nothing in my past or present has come close to being as horrible an experience as that place was, and again, many agree. What I meant by you should know who the blogger is if you cared to look, just indicates you were never interested in making this place better, and were to busy trying to kiss ass instead of finding out how to get involved. It's not your fault either because that again is the environment they create. To have you grasping for any way possible in getting away from the phones and not getting involved with anything that would jeopardize that. Or maybe you wanted to find out for other reasons like being a rat for management and nobody trusted you. In any case if one cares, one can find out. If you are around the circle that cares. So why is it so important for you to know who the blogger is now, for what reason? I have my thoughts on that...clowns!!!

At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well just so you could know this. Rat... that's not my style. I am not saying that I love Cablevision in any way, shape or form. I am just pointing out something from another side of the coin. All it seems to be are whines and complaints, and it seems to be... that most of the people that do so... have that "18 year old mentality". I'm not ancient, old... even middle aged for that matter. But I am mature enough to realize that it is just a job. And if you play any game, that any job presents before you... you will go somewhere and do something.

Now I am not going to sit here and say that TSG is the greatest job in the universe. Because it is far from it. And as far as trying to make it change, thats not going to happen. One Individual cannot do it, an entire union cannot do it. It's... just not going to happen.

Call it what you will, say what you'll say but if you really didn't like it, you'd haul ass. Plain and simple. The job market may not be exploding at the moment, but it sure as hell isn't that closed that you can't go anywhere else. I've known quite a few people that didn't like working for TSG, and instead of complaining they left. And now they are gone.

I come from a background that is alot worse than the Working Conditions at TSG. There are things you can do to relax. People take "Wrap Breaks", "Support Works" and many other little tricks. Sure the stats they expect are honestly ridiculous, especially since OV came around. But what can you do? The entire call center is on EPIP, and I have yet to see anyone get fired for it.

And getting back to my original point, this blog was meant to be an "outsiders view into the call center". Not a "whine about work blog". If thats what It was supposed to be... I wouldn't be posting what I am on here, I'd prolly be complaining.

At 6:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the way everyone has somehow concludeed things cannot change for the better at TSG or anywhere, they somehow know something we don't. How can you come to that conclusion without trying? It can happen and does happen believe it or not. If this job sucks so bad to so many, why not give it a shot, what is their to lose..a crappy job as it is right now. We can demand better breaks, better schedules with seniority, lessen the crunch of stats, better raises for all this, conditions that are stable and less stressfull, then maybe we can last until retirement, thus a pension......I think with companies that treat their employees as this one does need at least that wake up call. Who cares if I lose something I can't stomach tomorrow, it's worth at least vtrying. Those with families are in a tougher category, I can understand as this job will rip you apart to the point you cannot take another day, then what? you are out on the street with a mortgage and kids to feed, I feel for them and have seen it happen, people trying all they can to survive until at least something else comes along. But that candle burns out, you just can't do it anymore, noteven another 1/2 hour.
People will find any reason to get on FMLA, seen that as well,anything to prolong until the economy (hopefully rebounds) And besides, their are some managers I would love to see get the axe...It's because of defeatest attitudes like that as to why nothing is improving for the working man at a time when the cost of living here on Long Island is through the roof and getting ever higher. Why shouldn't a media giant and one of the biggest employers in the area provide us a chance to retire, a living wage with fair raises, an environment we can succeed in. Sorry to hear you had worse than this, quite honestly i don't see how that is possible, and I am not talking about the work you have to do, but the way the employee is treated at that place of work. I have been in many fields including Heavy construction and the differnce their was better pay, respect, and nobody putting me under a constant truly is horrible, and uncomfortable to work for them people. How anyone can deal with that day in and out is beyond me. it's almost inhumane, something you only see in third world countries. Yes maybe it is time to change the way we think about how we are treated, demand a living wage, one company at a time. We seem to have lost that in the last decade, all that was fought very hard to gain. To help the working man, the american dream..the middle class. I didn't go back to school graduate, try to better my life then get treaqted like this? F**** thqat, I had much higher expectations here. You can spend 100,00 dollars for schooling and it seems all jobs are paying no more than 40,000 a year, It's not ok, we can no longer survive with wages we were making 10-15 years ago. It's happening at comcast and many other cable providers, what better place to start than an industry that treats it's workforce like disposable toilet paper.

I on the other hand have found something much better my friend, and I couldn't take another minute at TSG to the point I almost cracked. It all fell on deaf ears, but at the same time,I was highly respected by fellow employees.
Yes I am back at a union job after 15 years, schooling, other shitty but at least able to tolerate workplaces. TSG being the final chapter in jobs that provide no future, and went back to where I should have never left in the first place. It is the only place one can make a living today, and have something for your future, the key is, I don't have to be pushed like a mechanical rabbit and get paid peanuts for in giving my best day in and out.

what the hell is a Wrap Break?
Support Works?
Is this something new

Support work I remember is usually short lived and only for the selected few...if you know what I mean.

At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, and who cares what one thinks this blog should have been in their eyes, create your own blog, this blogger was yet another educated person who had it up to their neck in bullshit at TSG, and has finally moved on. Bottom line is he was letting people know all the bullshit that goes on at TSG and why...thats what it was all about.. nothing more

At 7:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess my opinion falls on deaf ears as well. I mean- how stupid do I feel trying to speak my mind over some public blog. It's the internet. Another famous saying, which I find somewhat offensive, "Fighting over the internet is like competing in the special olympics. Even if you win, you're still a retard" If you catch my drift

Most of my opinions I have been writing about are not necessarily aimed at you "Anonymous". I am just stating what I see on a day to day basis... today. I am not sure how long ago you worked at TSG, but if you take a two week vacation you feel like you've been gone for two years, with all the changes and new faces around the place. Wrap breaks, and Support Works are some things that techs do to tie themselves over on the day-to-day

And like I said two times before... this originally was not inteded to be a "bitch about work" blog. But that is what it became. Just read through the natural progression of posts and comments, you'll see that. And you may not give a crap what I think this should or shouldn't have been... but after reading this for months and months I figured I'd give a stab at it.

About changes. I am really not the type of person to look at change as a bad or impossible thing. But lets face it... if you gave it a try, they'd can you or just not listen. It's a no win-situation. A "Kobayashi Maru" if you will. The only way to win, is by altering the programming of the game itself.

Unfortunately that is impossible here. The only true way to change things is for one of the techs, whom want to change, become a Supervisor. Then a Manager... and then things will change. And if people don't like the place they work in, they're not going to stick around long enough to make it happen. I listen to techs everyday that say how much work sucks, and how they hate it. How they should have called in sick today, or taken a personal.

I know the feelings of my fellow employees. And alot of those I share. But unfortunately, the only people that seem to share the "pipe dream" of changing TSG is those whom aren't a part or those whom have already left it.

At 8:53 PM, Blogger OOL Tech said...

I'd like to know I what point you felt this became a "whine about your job" blog?

This blog was created as an insight to educate Cable Subscribers on exactly whom they are talking to on the other end of two copper wires.

And to educate Cable Subscribers on the workings of the call center. I feel that I accomplished that mission with my postings on our stats, BPA, working conditions, etc.

Sure there may have been some potshots (well-deserved IMO) at other departments as well as a little bit of whining(bonus time), but I feel the vast majority of my writings were right on topic.

At 6:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wrap breaks...LOL, be carefull fuhrerliner Anita is watching that as well as every breath you take on the clock.

Does he actually mean giving yourself a whole 20 seconds between calls, before the alarm is raised and the phone nazis approach you, in a daily, non stop call volume...WOW, now that's an idea and something new, it's awfully generous of them as long as the time is not already used completing 3 different tickets after that call...

You're wasting time if your trying to move up here, there is no formula as to how to get there, Seen many that were more than qualified get stumped. I myself had great stats for almost 2 years straight, was overlooked and did not receive a minute away from the phones. Then to see someone there only a few months,stats were no better than mine, already off the phones, doing something else, become a lead, training instructor or whatever. All this and the cherry was that at the same time, they were less qualified than you are, absolutely no technical ability. How discouraging is that? It's complete bullshit...Seniority and what you know mean nothing,as well as performance, something a normal workplace advances by. People here are handpicked by management and it's usually an outsider for the more lucrative positions.

I guess the fear factor is weighing in, fear of getting canned for bringing up neccessary issues. That is one of the big problems, there is no open door policy as they claim, they don't care about your concerns. They love using fear to keep you all in line.

I remember going to meetings with union members, but most co-workers were to afraid to show. The people at 1049 gave us more of their time than anyone at CV ever did. They listened, had solutions, great ideas that were accomplished at other similar workplaces. Members of Verizon and unionized Time Warner reps that showed just sat their with dropped jaws when they heard of the things that occurred in our workplace, it would never happen in their workplace. The key is everyone sticking together and speaking as one voice, getting involved to make the workplace better when it is needed..and it is definately needed here. If you only heard the ridiculous lies and setups that came from this company, seperate meetings for pro and anti union supporters, harrassment, you would never trust another thing from this company again. The scum lawyers at Jackson-Lewis at the ready to try and squash the continual uprisings and keep you at will. Fear is something they are great at using and have constantly use that card. By creating fear among their workers to keep them at will. Using illegal tactics. Why are so many continually demanding change?because it is long overdue and they will never do it voluntarily.

I'd rather get canned trying than remain at will with nothing being done as long as I remain here, and many respectable people have done just that in our field services and call centers. All have moved on to better things.

I don't think the majority are whining, they are pissed and have just had it with the way things are done here. They want change! and you have to get to that point where you will accept a change one way or another because you have just had it.. It's a crappy "game" that nobody is interested in playing, because it is like nothing you have ever seen before, normal workplace progression does not apply, and some are really not cut out for kissing ass. Who wants to play a game where the rules are constantly changing, the wrong criteria are considered whatever they may be, I have seen many extremely talented people sucumb to the circumstances. The only game we should expect is an honest and fair one with rules that are written and spelled out for all, one that encourages people to stay and guarantees a chance to make a living...all in writing!!....

At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard of the first confirmed case of someone ordering the new boost service and getting capped..LOL, you have to be kidding me. Offer a service that provides more bandwidth and web hosting, lie to the person that has been capped before by telling him/her that you will not get capped with the new service, person gets service and within a month gets just that...capped. And they never tell you why, you have to confirm it yourself and place a callback waiting over an hour.. or you will be capped indefinately

Why offer greater up and down bandwidth if you are punished for using it?

What is the purpose?
what a great service..let me tell you

....anybody say FIOS

At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i see the guy that posted at 7:06 am was a losser tem that got the boot

loser...LMFAO!!!! who's the loser? I guess the thousands of people that have come and gone through the doors of cable-mart are all losers because they are not good enough for cable/slackers...wake up can't see shit!!!!!!!!

At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

“All that is needed for evil to triumph, is for good men to stand back and DO NOTHING!"

For those who have not been here long enough...

At 3:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

loser...LMFAO!!!! who's the loser? I guess the thousands of people that have come and gone through the doors of cable-mart are all losers because they are not good enough for cable/slackers...wake up can't see shit!!!!!!!!
The guy that posted at 6:10 PM Deff a TEMP that could not Trouble shoot your way out of a paper bag. you looser !
its all a game you asshole you get in to get paid !!! simple as that tack the steps to GET PAID and stop sitting on your ass doing nothing!!!! If you know anything you would see that its a game and learn how to Fucking play it in full instead of comming her and bad mouth a CO. that helps half of LI and the Tri state you winny little bitch !!!
get a clue !!!!!!!!!!
you where a TEMP that could not hack it!!! go back to BK

At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who is this clown? is that what he really thinks, we all do/did nothing?
Temps? everyone that leaves is a temp and a loser? how typical...
someone who was less than he....LMFAO
The super phone tech....

We do nothing?
Did Nothing for 5 damn wasted years..played your so called game for that long as well..
ya your right many people can't take this bullshit, why should they?
just the reason I left that pathetic place, it's a disgrace!!

I never have felt so controlled and abused in my life, it was a bad nightmare as if in some jail in communist Russia

BPA..what a joke
stats you must maintain that barely give you time to breath in 8 hrs..
pathetic 2% raises
No long term future beyond getting beyond your 8 dreadful hours and the day ahead of you.

ya, a great place to work...NOT!!!!

they can do just as good at BK without all the bullcrap, it gets to everyone.

What normal person can tolerate that nonsense and the little games they play with you to piss you off
I could swear they did it on purpose

What good has this company done for NY lately? that was pathetic
with all the people that have come and gone through them doors...not even a single one close to retiring, nobody ever has... no one ever will...

Probably the best job you ever had..LMFAO, I actually feel sorry for you
You know no better than being treated like shit from a company that is great at doing just that.

go ahead and play their silly little game of petty write ups and coachings and having the wip continually cracked on your back...2% slap in the face raises..if you can stay the course and take all of managements crap, you should get the bloody medal of honor..
Nothing is ever good enough for these tyrants, the prjudice, the place being run like crap...just don't step on any mines......ya, that something you can tolerate doing for very long

How can't you see how poorly you are treated there and the pathetic environment you are in?
unless you are no longer the majority and have become the minority who have somehow found some time away from it all..hint, hint

where were all the clowns that think like you, why couldn't I find any of them when I was there...everyone I knew could not stomach that place another minute as it gradually degraded, and I am sure it's even more pathetic now.

I can't imagine what people like you have all let that place become

Keep playin that crappy game you mention..keep convincing yourself it is the only game played everywhere else..where you get this analogy, I will never know

Work is not a game, It is your livelihood. You should not make yourself something you are not in order to try and advance... and you should advance by how good you are, your knowledge, and how you carry yourself, then throw in seniority
a fair system that should be in place with everything spelled out in writing...

where do you see any of that here?
problem is, you never can win unless your smackin' your lips against some ass

where were all the clowns that think like you, I never saw them
once, where were you hiding, under a desk?

At 5:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YET another ASSCLOWN that was canned/unable to hack it !!!!LOOSER
spend all your jobless time here and whiny AWAY. just because you could not handle your self and where unable to DEAL with anything
as far a hiding under a desk i think not but i bet you where the one screaming and cusing like a mofo because you could not trouble shoot you way out of your chair!!!
just rember you where canned and now have no fucking job you asshole maybe your temp agency can find you another spot !!!!!
enjoy your 10 bucks an hour in BK i will enjoy my free shit and my phat pay as well as all my bennys!!!!!
your a useless fucker that comes here and bashes the co. you got canned from!!!! go work at bestbuy and join the Geeksquad thenyou can post on ,LOSSER.... people like you will never learn a fucking thing !!

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have learned that Cablevision sux!!!

It's a shitty place to work, working for a bunch of pencil tigers concerned with one thing only...besides I have come to enjoy bashing the inept idiots I worked under, don't get me wrong, there were some really good sups, leads and techs that understood how horrible things were and I wonder how many still put up with it all.

I actually get some free time at work, unlike your sweatshop.

Jobless, I don't think so, but I do get time to breath.

I can deal with many things..but not what you are dealing with...never again!! why would you?

Why don't you try doing some real IT work, or maybe you're not capable of doing so, just a phone robot who thinks he has it good..lmfao

let's see, you are definately single, only care about your car and your homies on the weekends, and your wonderfull free bigger loser than someone who defends that place for what it is...

At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey ass clown is my own, can't use it pal......

but seriously what makes you think people enjoy that job for one second, and what makes you think nobody can do so much better after leaving that torture chamber...

I am so much better off now in terms of a future, stress level way down compared to that place, income is up, a pension..etc..would have taken me 20 years at cable with 2-3% raises to get what I was offered to start the day I left,
and not dealing with all that bullshit.....

your free cable and whatever else may come out to 2,000 a year...woooopie!!!!
talk to me in 20 years ass clown ...

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take the fear out of the equation, put up a simple poll, and people overwhelmingly favor union representation here at Cablevision

....what a shock

If we could only overcome that fear, put aside our personal ineterests, and think of the outcome....

At 5:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

let me ask you this ASSCLOWN and i can use it because you are one
i bet you put the job experance on your rez right ??
you think you would have goten your wonderful job with out it?? i bet not other wise you would not have to go to the temp agency you when to in the fucking first place!!!!AAAhaaaa you assclown you took your work experacne from CV and used it to get you a better job
i am saying think before you open you DUMB mouth with anti-CV tones
you got your new jobs (and this is to all of you) because of you work time in a corp. enveroment!!!!
with out it i bet your new co. that you got your job with would not have even given you a seconed fucking look!!! now think before you post about a place that helped you out even though being a slave driver (maybe i dont see it but maybe) get your new job i bet every one of you fuckers put CV down on your rez. and got noteced because you worked there. because if that was not true you would have gotten your NEW JOBS before you even got to CV .
some people move up and on some people move up and out this job is not for everybody some of you just cant hack it and need to be cut. thats just the fucking truth now deal with it and move on..
i still say its a nice place to go to work for it gets your feet in the door in the corp. world.

At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cablevision was mentioned on the resume because I had to fill in 4 years worth of work, otherwise they would have questioned what I did all that time not working...and again all I did was mention it. I was embarrassed to tell them what I did. What I know, I knew before I started at that sweatshop, and did not learn a damn thing except for bouncing cable modems and how the ridiculous operation is run. Everything else, I pretty much knew already. As for the temp agency, CV only hires from a temp agency clown, and I thought it would be a prestigious place to work, a huge media company, why wouldn't I think that. I signed up with many places at thaT TIME BECAUSE "IT" jobs were hard to come by. I told my current employer how horrible it was to work their and he even echoed how ridiculous it is/was. I have always worked in a corp environment or civil service, union job, I see you have not, so of course you think all is good. This job will only get you another phone tech job..unless you educate yourself outside of it. The job trains you for nothing more than nothing could ever be this bad again. The one positive I now see is that anything I do from now on will always be better than that ridiculous place, nothing could ever be worse, I will never be as miserable as I was there.

At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

didn't put it down on my resume...
spent 5 years bouncing modems or bypassing cheap phone splitters that keep failing because the company was to cheap to install an interconnect jack...
what did you actually learn here? besides how to deal with a migrane... they don't even have time to train you anymore because of...what a shocker..STAFFING.
They could not keep a good staff if their life depended on it because of all the petty nonsense that frustrates the shit out of everyone.
It should be a job, not something that continually tests your tolerance to meet expectations management think are fair.
They show you everyday how much they could care less about you, you are just seen as something that has to produce insane numbers that are beyond your control most times. If you don't.. it's detention time for you...who wants to hack that your eyes, that place blows big time, and I am sure it has only gotten worse.

At 8:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been following along some time now, and have seen the very good points made on all the sites. I am still convinced a union would be good for us, and have seen no reason as to not trying. The people that are against it just keep saying the same thing over an over. God only knows what their real interest is in not making things better. I have been here way too long to just throw everything away, I feel like I have been spared or somehow eluded the ever wielding axe. Their is no job security here with all they expect, and have seen many good people come and go. Things have degraded the last few years to the point of me seeing how people just do not care any longer. They are itching to get out any waythey can, how can a lrge media company treat it's employees as this one does. I here the same issues brought up again and again by Field Techs, TSG reps and Dispatchers. Enough is enough already, Anyone here for any amount of tme realizes how horrible things have become. They have only squeezed us harder instead of making it a better place to work, something to be proud of. Cable rates have risen 300% in the last 10 years, they are generating more profit than ever, and what have we received in that time besides a bigger workload. We really do get no respect. Who do we contact to get a real solid drive going, I am ready to make things better for both I and my co-workers. I have seen and heard all the lies generated by the company just to keep everyone in line, and it's wrong. I don't think these guys are asking for the bank, just a place they can be proud of, honest conditions and unddrstanding of how difficult things have become. We should not be judged by how many or how fast, but by a person giving their all day in and day out to keep customers loyal, a job that provides a living and relieve some of the tension from the microscopic eye. Give us a break already, how much more can we do and still maintain all that is expected? I actually woke up this morning and was watching News 12 and saw some poor fool, the only car on the road in this blizzard, waving his way up Rte 135. They are probably on his way to work at the call ridiculous. That brings up another point where they hand out that lovely email indicating your job is more important than your family, or life. You must make every attempt to show up during these conditions....what nonsense, I banged in today.....

At 7:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long Island- Bob Podlaski-631-348-1408 (24 hours) or (631)234-1800 (During Business Hours)

Yes, I agree, we should all be involved in this......

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you vote to organize your company? [1266 votes total]

YES (1008) 80%
NO (258) 20%

258 ass clowns that don't want better conditions, and love the way things are today.

where do they come from?

At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you guys in TSG have noticed, is gone. Thats what happens when people dont come together. We cant fight your battles for you forever. Sooner or later you have to stand up for yourself. The sites last administrator didnt do one thing to update the site since we handed ownership over.

So the sites domain registration expired and there is nobody with the balls to take up the cause. is stying up for the near future with a new statement. TSG techs that still want a union be advised that is now the site to go to. Unless someone out there wants to take on running

At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

meaningless union plugs?

This is the main reason why it's not getting done.
Because of gutless, timid, conclusive people like that.

If it can't be done, why do they have union busting attornies Jackson Lewis representing them?

Wouldn't it just make sense to keep the millions in their pockets because "It will never happen"

They must be afraid of something to pay them all that money instead of putting it back to us....
They are afraid it could happen......

and boy is it ever needed here, if not for the obvious benefits of a union, for a fair grievance procedure and better conditions.

We are just squeezed to a pulp daily, then they just sit back and wait for burnout to kick in and put the radar on you...This place blows!!

At 4:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so quit you winny fucker
another hack that cant troubleshoot his way out of a paper bag

At 5:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you really think it's the troubleshooting I am talking about?

Especially with the limited troubleshooting we are permitted to do....

I guess you have become so efficient in OOL troubleshooting, well good for you....the ultimate OOL tech.

I am not just talking about OOL isues only, but IT troubleshooting in general. How good are you in a real IT environment?

Who the hell are you to criticize anyones troubleshooting skills. Just have this automatic conclusion that speaks out against this company is a temp or someone that could not do his are clueless and mental. Managements' little puppet I bet.

Do you really know anyone besides yourself that really likes working here? Doesn't that say something in your pea sized, neandrethal brain?

Yes, the job alone is very difficult in dealing with all sorts of people, but in also dealing with all the bullshit and the constant push from management....for what?

No person can survive here but idiots like you....

Yes, I think I am finally ready to quit you fool, and that seems to be everyones answer because this place sucks!!! God forbid they would make some changes to make it a decent place to work...never will happen without a union!!

Keep it up, you might be the first one to ever retire at TSG, if they let you get that far.

At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And when he retires from TSG after 20 years of mind bending, emotional ping pong they will reward him with a pizza party.

Of course the leggy, big tittied, no technical talent TSG cheerleaders will be the ones handing out the pizza.

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He'll be lucky if he even gets that...remember what happened when Kara Dowd left after almost 20 years...not even a good that just wasn't right....but we came to expect that from such a hostile environment.

This guy is pretty comical...thinks troubleshooting is actually a criteria in working for TSG....LOL

You call what you do troubleshooting?

bouncing a modem, bypassing a few devices etc. referring to an external vendor..
It's more like; how quickly can we get this guy off the phone.

It's not what you can say, but it's all about what you can't say at TSG, and speaking in circles because of BPA...ya, that's the troubleshooting I want If I ever called my ISP. Get me someone I can really talk to would be more like it...sure you here it many times, everyday. They train you in verifying the problem is not on your end, but with the computer or device...then refer them away as fast as you can, and on to the next.

Wish I could talk in circles at my current job when troubleshooting an issue with the president of my company..You think he, or anyone else, really wouldn't prefer a straight forward answer like "NO, you can't"...well he has told me straight out he likes my straight forwardness..not something I picked up at TSG obviously, just something I was raised with. Something any normal person appreciates ...oh my god, did I say a negative in their?.....

While at TSG, I was correcting winsocks, installing NIC drivers, removing software etc.all things related to a connection and in most cases are easy to fix, but not permitted. I still did it, with the customers permission of course, even though it was not allowed by management. It’s because I was confident in doing it, and always followed up. Leads and Sups knew who to go to for that...even if Anita was watching through her little window trying to punish you because your call times were too high for ...DOING YOUR JOB. So give the call to someone clueless because they have better stats and behave like good little girls and boys. Just conform to the regimes determination of what’s best for them and you, They will tell you what not to say, how long you can piss, what to think, how many breaths you can take after a call…. well golly gee, some great system in place and that works great for the customer on the other end. pathetic. Now How bizzare does that all sound.

So you see, it's all a catch 22 and your raises, status, progression etc. are all affected by doing real troubleshooting trying to gain some pride in a place that offers none, and leaving the customer satisfied... the people they say they care so much about, and it's all bullshit!

Compliments were overlooked, being a great tech was overlooked, knowledge was overlooked, seniority is overlooked...Why? because of managements never ending appetite for getting their numbers accomplished by running you into the ground.

Real troubleshooting is giving the customer a satisfying feeling in that if you don't fix it, you at least gave it your best and referred him to the proper place...with a phone number. I constantly had leads and sups approach me for callbacks clown, even though I knew the call would affect those ridiculous stats thus everything in relation to the employee at TSG....the system sucks!!!!

But management doesn't want that, they want you to get rid of the customer as quickly as possible.....and of course my stats were a bit higher at times, but I also gained more compliments from the customer, and fellow workers, than most for doing so.

Yes, I moved on to much better, but love bashing a company people love to hate…why, because you clowns are to dumb to see how badly a union was/is needed.

At 5:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Examples as to why this guy thinks this place is so great...





If you only had an idea on the number of people, good and bad, that have come through them doors before you..They will hire anyone....things have gotten so bad that as long as you can deal with their bullshit and stress, you have a other criteria is required.

He couldn't work anywhere else and this is the best job he ever had...He's not even a tech...a want to be tech who thinks he is all that, because he is being a good little boy at the plantation and hasn't been hounded yet...

just maintain them stats for as long as you can, which has nothing to do with technical ability, and you might last 5 years, suck up to the system and see how long you can do it... if you don't crack before then..don't have them hone the radar in on you, then you are really's a game of survivor and that game sucks!!!

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

clowns to the left of me....clowns to the right....

5 of every 6 people would love to have a union here....but are too scared to even sign a card!!!...nothing will get done that way, so we might as well all leave now, because this ship is sinking.

At 12:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never been a union guy... actually got fired once trying to form one...

Would a union make things better here? Maybe, maybe not. Lots depends on what the union could GAIN and what you expect. Salary?- Some, not a lot more. Benefits? - this package is not bad, improvement is needed for a 25 or 30 year REAL retirement benefit, although the "extra" plan does address some of that. Security- that's is the big one. Having not been on the short end of the stick YET, I have not the seen problem first hand. Observations tell a different story.
It is hard to find many techs here over 3 years. People moving on? Yes, in most of the ones I have seen, some even within the Company. They surely hire from within for leads, but Sups seem to be under different criteria. More and more seem not to come from TSG. A big mistake in my judgement.
The whole argument about pettiness, micro-management, etc., is somewhat forced on management- just look at the AVERAGE tech here- They have to offer incentives to get here on time! What a nightmare if you are in management! Stress in this job? There is stress in every job- more if you dont like what you are doing.
The main problem here is the expectation of the "good" techs- they are bored with the "troubleshooting" that is required and over think the "job". TSG does not fix subs computers- if that is what you need to do to feel you accomplished something, you are in the wrong job and THATS why you are unhappy. If you dont like talking to people- even dumb ones- identifing the issue and referring them out as necessary, everyday is going to be very long.
The worst part is that is does not take a GOOD tech to do this job- just one that recognizes what their role is. Thats why if you dont learn something here, apply it and move up or on, you become bitter. A union wont help any of that. To quote many here- it is what it is. What we eventually get left with are either malcontents or bad techs. The Peter Principal in practice. That is an issue management needs to deal with, but look around- a lot of these people need to have tight supervision or they would do even less.

Anyway- I personally have been treated fairly so far. Not once have I been smacked in any way. I get most days off I request, made perm in 3 months, made grade 14 in reasonable time, and not once have been written up for anything. In return, I come to work on time, follow the instructions I am given, take personal breaks as I need them, dont sit in outbound wrap or otherwise screw the company or my co-workers.
Do I come back a few minutes late from a break or lunch on occasion? YES. Do I have emergencies that come up and call SPOC when necessary? YES. Do I occasionally feel so bad for a sub that I might stream them and actually install Adaware, etc.? YES. (No, I don't install NIC drivers- let the Dell tech do what HE gets paid for)
Does the fact that my times are not the best cause me stress? NO. Goals are good things, and the boss is allowed to tell me what he wants me to do- and that's all that has happened- to me.
To others that feel or experienced different- I do question if there are not other issues. I guess I will not get it until I experience it myself.

Well I enjoyed the blog- so far I somewhat enjoy the job- after all as with any job - a bad day at golf is better than a good day at work.... and there is stess even on a golf course! This isnt the first or last job you will likely have. Life is too short to let anything eat at you as badly as some of you feel this place does. Move on... Enjoy your life. Carpe diem!

At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never been a union guy... actually got fired once trying to form one...

answer: Did you know that it's ilegal to get fired for that?

Would a union make things better here?

answer: all around from compensation to making it something you can do for more than 3 years. Someone to go to when they bring up petty charges, grievances you can file and so on...without a doubt if we had one and they bargained in good faith.

People moving on? Yes, in most of the ones I have seen, some even within the Company.

answer: And why is that...because the job sucks and is way too demanding, there is no future here!!

it is what it is. What we eventually get left with are either malcontents or bad techs. The Peter Principal in practice. That is an issue management needs to deal with, but look around- a lot of these people need to have tight supervision or they would do even less.

answer: with a union, we could attract and retain better workers.
We would not need tighter supervision, just have some pride in what we do and get rewarded once in a while instead of just bringing up the negatives.

Goals are good things, and the boss is allowed to tell me what he wants me to do- and that's all that has happened- to me.

answer: ya, but not when there so called goals...more like requirements, can get you fired for what normal working people can do everyday.

Well I enjoyed the blog- so far I somewhat enjoy the job- after all as with any job - a bad day at golf is better than a good day at work.... and there is stess even on a golf course! This isnt the first or last job you will likely have. Life is too short to let anything eat at you as badly as some of you feel this place does. Move on... Enjoy your life. Carpe diem!

answer: yes we understand their is stress with any job, but I never felt like this before with any other job....nothing even compares to this. This place is a slaughterhouse in that it just keeps pushing people on through by making them want to leave or finding a way to terminate them, and their are so many ways for that to happen. You obviously were not here through it all, and I cannot see how things have changed for the better in the time I have been gone when it never did in 5 years. Did you ever here of someone being written up for signing on them phone a minute late on a handfull of occassions?..No but it did happen before the lawsuit, being written up in using your own personal time to get your lunch delivery...your own time! happened. Being written up for going beyond 3 days 5 sick days..even with a doctors note...did happen. People with stats no better than yours, here a fraction of the time you are, less technically qualified than you are, being promoted to hang paper, then train people? become a lead....a supervisor...sorry I have never seen such a horrible place to work and there is an army of people that have since left, been terminated, or even still there that agree. It was all bullshit, then they turn around and make you the bad guy.

At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am trying to respect what this guy is saying, but he just doesn't get it, or has not been here long enough to see it all.

What we are saying is this...we are not dilusional...
Do you think people take this job thinking "I want to answer phone calls for the next 20 years of my life and retire" Of course not. I, and many others took this job because we need to pay our bills, and we want to make a living. Does TSG provide you with that? Hardly!....Of course people will move on and try to do better, but should you do so at their determination because you were burnt out, does it only have to be a 3 year job...nonsense!!!! some are never given a chance while others skate through? punished to the phones for eternity in taking to long of a piss, an honest mistake on a call? an extra break because all you really get is 2 15 minute breaks. One write up and no chance for even applying for anything for a year? ya, that's fair...They use the phones as a form of punishment, they need to in order to have everyone crawling over each other in trying to do better than the other guy, to keep you all in line. Why the high school mentality? We are all children that can't be trusted? can't be trusted for what? staying under 8 minutes to take a shit or AN HONEST BREAK...TOTAL BULLSHIT!!! Why not rotate ypur staff to other areas of the department to aleviate burnout, rotate live support, rotate projects and training, why not raise times allowed per call and other metric stats times by lets say 30 seconds? Will the company go bankrupt if they did? NO, would it go a long way in prolonging your stay here and trying to make it a place people can make a living...YES!!!

Nobody will last here if you are left on the phones, nobody will be able to make a living and retire because you will burn out!! Their is plenty that can be done and plenty we can do for ourselves with a union behind us. For one second, do you think they will do this for you tomorrow..NO!!, how else can it be done exept through a union. Plenty of people have just plain had it with the way we are treated like slabs of meat, and the numbers show that...why would anyone want to stay here? problem is they don't want you to stay here. They want that door revolving, and you are left feeling empty and the customer suffers. They just want you to roll over and move on or put up and shut up.

Your only chance is trying to think it's something you can keep doing, just get out, or putting your head way up some managers ass to try and plea for some time off the's what we are all after right? again you didn't take this job thinking you would be on the phones forever did you?

How many people honestly like what they do at TSG? try asking a few people, try asking people that have since left or been let go for petty nonsense what they thought of this place. It's a horrible place to work... it's dreadful, and that can all be changed if someone cared or put an ounce of effort in doing so. Look at what one person did in speaking out against showing up early in order to sign in the phones on time...won a lawsuit for everyone...THE COMPANY WAS WRONG!!!!
Should we not at least expect fair treatment, someone to "really" talk to that will listen, an opportunity to file a grievance when something just ain't right, and a chance to earn a living. Think of all the grievances that would be filed if a union came in with all the bullshit they pull day in and out? that is what they are afraid of.... that and the thought of losing complete control over every breath you take for 8 hours on their time. Thats why the high priced lawyers, that's why they pit you against each other, that's why this place sucks!! They created an environment no person can last in...They build up a wall in front of them, make you all think you need such a job, make "YOU" ALL scared, and tell you to comply or else. Any normal person should want to bash that wall down into a million pieces..... because it's all bullshit, it's all to maximize profits at the expense of your ass out in the streets in 3 years unless you find something before then. The whole system sucks, and We want to call their bluff on how bad unions really are and all the nonsense they and their little puppets try to feed us all...they are frightened to shit of it happening. Why do you think these departments keep trying to organize? are all these people just insane? lazy.. don't know what they are saying? It comes to that point for a reason...

Yes, we could get up and leave..that's the easy way out, and many have taken that advice, but sometimes you have to make a stand against bullshit....make a stand for what is fair and right, stand together when so many feel the same way, but are giving in to the fear they cast upon you. I did, and could care less if that is what did me in, it was the only time I had any sense of pride and accomplishment at TSG.

At 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont like unions because I know absolutley nothing about them except the image handed down about unions from the very first union busting attornies that people still believe to this day...and you will here them from the clowns at this company...they are all corrupt, they just want your money, they make people lazy's pathetic and a tactic that has been used almost 100 years, truth is, unions are regulated and watched by government agencies, they provide people with better standards at the workplace and create pride in their workers and trust to companies looking for a job done rightthe first time.

At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love being bent over backwards everyday and having a nice stiff one put in my rear.....I think I can make this a career..Cablevision is such a warm loving company

At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cable clowns...nothing but trained caged monkeys, constantly observed by the zoo keepers...good luck clowns, it's a job that leads to all have absolutely no future here

At 6:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am getting out of here as quickly as I can....

This place is nothing but a glamorous sweatshop where you are not allowed to breath without management knowing.The micro management is overkill

Why would anyone want to put up with this?

At 6:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for customers who were regularly lied to regarding packages, pricing, and length of promotion...(certain reps used to tell customers, "Oh don't worry, you don't have to call in to cancel the will just automatically stop.") Anything goes to make the sale, and many misinform the customer in order to get that sale done. It doesn't go far enough in providing safeguards or protections so customers can be assured that the information dispensed by employees to book a sale is honestly represented along with the highest degree of integrity. The sales process has always been a "dirty little secret". When the person you report to says..."I don't how you get the sale, just get it!", something is horribly wrong. Shame belongs to all levels of management for turning a deaf ear and a blind eye on this issue. In a cut-throat environment, it's everyone for themselves and the customer (you know, the one who provides us with a paycheck) be damned. It's only a matter of time before another lawsuit is brought upon the company. I have much more to comment on and will do so when time permits.

At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cable clowns don't have the nerve to stand up for themselves, couldn't join a computer to a domain, let alone join together and request better from this horrible company

At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when I gwow up, I wann be an ass cwown long looooooosers...lmfao

At 5:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since this site is dead, try leaving your comments at

It is a new site for all Cable Employees to Rant and Rave.

Blow off some steam at Cable Rant

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