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Friday, December 23, 2005

Bonus time

It's that time of year, the time of year when some companies reward their loyal workers with a Christmas bonus. Luckily for us, Cablevision is one of those companies.

I know that there are plenty of companies that do not give out Christmas bonuses. And I commend and thank Cablevision's management for giving us bonuses. But that will not stop me from looking a gift horse in the mouth.

The Christmas bonus does not appear to be based on anything but grade level. Not time of service, not performance incentives, it is simply based on your position in the company. And you know our position in the company, at the bottom to where all the shit flows, and that also can describe our bonus.

I know I may be biased but we call center workers are the hardest working employees that Cablevision has. And that is due to the incredible volume of calls that we handle combined with the Statistics we are forced to maintain.

So for all our hard work, stress and aggravation, Cablevision throws us a bone and gives us ONE weeks pay. That's right, we get a check containing a whopping 1/52of our yearly salary.

Of course the higher up in the company, the greater the percentage of your salary you get. It is not enough that they make so much more money, their bonus has to be a greater percent of their salary, up to 40% and more at the management level! It's not like Cablevision skimps on management's salary, in addition to their 6 figure salary, they get $30K-$90K as a bonus? What the Fuck?

IMO, that's bullshit.

So while management goes yacht shopping, I get to hand over my bonus to a mechanic to keep my 10 year old POS car running.

One week's friggin' pay......Merry Fucking Christmas.