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Friday, November 11, 2005


There has been an underground movement going on at TSG (Tech Support Group) to Unionize. The problem is, it is so underground that it is invisible. I didn't know one existed until after I started this blog.

A unionizing effort has been going on among Field Techs for quite a while. They seem to be pretty well organized, (you see their bumper stickers everywhere Cablevision Techs Need Respect), and they have a website. The unionizing effort at TSG is NOT organized but at least they have a website, Organize TSG. One reason why there is no coordinated union organizing going on is the revolving door nature of employment at TSG. Many of the original union agitators have moved on to other jobs, voluntarily or not.

Let's see why Unionizing may be a good idea.

One of the biggest problems in TSG is the rapid turnover. As stated in a previous post, new hires are temporary employees making about $11/hour. Maybe Management's thinking goes as such: Hire cheap and quick so when they leave, because the job is so difficult, you can replace them quickly and cheaply. Maybe this makes sense if you only look at the numbers and we all know that Management is all about the numbers .Management is too short sighted to see this but this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When techs are hired at $11/hr they really don't have anything invested into staying. Hell, you'd probably make almost as much flipping burgers. The first couple of months are really hard and a tech needs to grow into the job. Starting at $11/yr makes it a lot easier for someone to give up easily. If Cablevision offered a higher starting rate of pay (with benefits like health insurance), I can guarantee you that techs would stick with it a lot longer. Techs who stay around longer become better techs. Better techs mean better tech support. Better tech support means better customer service. Oh, there's the problem, as I have stated before, Management has no desire to truly improve customer service, they'd rather put a band-aid, aka BPA, on the gaping wound that is customer service.

Unionizing would give a higher starting salary, techs would stick with the job, become better and customer service would improve.

A big thing we lack here is a fair grievance procedure. Right now if you are a temp, at any time a supervisor can fire you for any stupid reason at all. And if you are a permanent employee they have a huge list of transgressions that will get you written up. And of course if you get written up, down will come the Iron Fist of Management. First of all, it will reset any progress you have made toward any "career progression" (aka a promotion to the next grade level). If you had been assigned to any of the coveted TSG positions (Comm Desk, Offline Team, Live Support(which takes you off the phone 3 days a week!) you are busted back to the phones full time. A decent grievance procedure can prevent a supervisor with a grudge from abusing his authority.

Unionizing will allow techs to be treated like human beings and be a defense against heavy handed management.

Techs need input into the ridiculous work rules, partially covered in my stats and BPA posts, and someone needs to address the lousy Working Conditions around here. Taking call after call after call is simply grueling, one way to prevent burn-out would be to space out the calls, say a mandatory 1 minute break between calls. The stats have to be overhauled to make it reflect reality and BPA needs a lot of work to make it work right.

Unionizing will be good for a tech's well being. A tech who is not overly stressed is a better tech. Better techs mean better customer service.

There is no advancement in this department and management’s idea of career progression is a joke. They have no clearly defined career ladder, simply a series of increasingly difficult to maintain level of stats to match for 6 months before your salary grade level goes up. Once you make that grade, you have to maintain your stats or you get written up. Get written up a couple of times, and your ass is out the door. That’s management’s way of keeping control of salaries, make goals unrealistic and get rid of the ones who happen to reach them.

Many techs scour the internal job postings each day desperately looking for a way out. TSG is comprised of many, many talented people but this resource is little used by other departments. Techs have a hard time even landing an interview for an internal position. And even if they are granted an interview, the fact that they work in TSG is held against them.

Unionizing will provide a well defined and fair career progression. I’m sure it will not help with the other departments' bias against TSG but since they not hiring us now, that shouldn’t matter

I think it is quite clear that Unionizing is the best thing for techs at TSG and I believe it will help the customer by improving customer service.


At 3:43 AM, Blogger Vince said...

It's a good idea until your union becomes corrupt, like most, and you find yourselves paying for representation that's in the Dolan's back pocket anyway.

At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya but it will provide you with better pay and conditions, someone to really go to that will actually listen to your problem. No more silly little high school write ups for taking a bathroom break to long, holding insane stats against you when you really are doing your job..the list goes on as to why it would be so much better. If you want to say they are all corrupt, their are business leaders that are just as corrupt and at least they provide you with a better standard of living.

At 8:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this place was half way decent in treating their employees with respect and gave it an ounce of effort to make TSG something other than a place where people dread every second, are treated like high school kids, and are always within crosshairs in some POW camp mentality, then no union would be neccessary. Their is no trust in their employees. I think a union can only make things better all around and would finally give us a little voice.

At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think it half of what you said is true but the rest is bullshit!!!!!
what do you except from a call center!!!one customer from ov are nasty compared to ool tech I for one was converted from ool to ov the hard way no booklet no web site i did not even know what the fuck was voip
union sound good but there is lot of order to get ahead in cablevision you need to make yourself known in person.

At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not the customers I am talking about ass clown!!..It's the way this place is run and the way we are treated like toilet paper always being disposed of and thrown aside in some way. Where is the bulshit in what we are saying? Who actually likes working for these people? This Union Drive is going on in many cable call centers..including Comcast, we are demanding change to make it tolerable and something we can be proud of. It can happen anywhere that treats it's employees as this place does...even call centers. Do you think it was fair for them to throw you into VOIP like many of us were without the proper training a union would surely provide? Just to shift employees to a technology they did not even perfect because that is where they could expand the most and make the most profit. If we stick together on this, their is much less to worry about. Good luck in making yourself known in person..LOl..Like their open door policy right?... many have tried but keep getting knocked back 6 months for this another 6 months for that, oh now your yearly review is affected so it's another long can you tolreate all the bullshit before you are crisp and cannot maintain your pride and ridiculous stats any longer!! I guarantee if you are on those phones 3 years straight without some type of break off them phones..the same will happen to you. Many good techs have fallen to the ridiculous circumstances of a system that is geared towards you failing, again and again..If you cannot see how badly this place needs change and representation..then I feel sorry for you. You are weak!! Those with balls are not worried to make it better and unions provide just that..a better work environment and living, A job cannot get any worse than the way this place treats it's employees. and please already, learn how to use the correct adjectives in a sentence..spell check would be nice too, how do people get any info from your Remedy tickets??

At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I am glad to see that this site has opened a topic about unionizing TSG.

It is true that most of the original volunteer organizers at TSG have moved on. Some were fired, some quit. But there still some working at TSG. For example the current administrators of

Keep in mind that our effort reached pretty high up the food chain at TSG. We had, and still have TSG leads and Supes that were sympathetic and signed cards. I wont say which leads signed cards, collected cards, attended meetings etc, nor will I say which supes were 100% on our side. But you can be sure that we rocked management to the core. They were scared shit as to how far we had gone.

I personaly had a supervisor shake my hand and offer support and admiration for what I was doing.

TSG management put a lead tech on our asses. He collected a list of e mail addreses without telling anyone why he wanted them. Then he proceded to spam everyone in TSG to their private e mail address with anti union propaganda. Threats about losing benefits, jobs going to India. This lead and his cohort were both promoted to supervisor shortly after 2 of the top TSG organizers were fired. TSG had its e mail (groupwise) closed to the internet to prevent us from comunicating with each other.

This was done out of fear. Fear of what we become when we speak as one. The field services techs worked on organizing for 6 years. They had 75% of all techs sign union authorization cards. As soon as they filed for an election Cablevision hired Jackson and Lewis, a sleazy anti union consultant. Those techs were forced to sit in captive audience meetings EVERY DAY and be brain washed to fear and oppose the IBEW. Six years to collect cards from 75% of the working filed techs, 2 months to scare them into voting NO.

And who really lost that election? Not the organizers from the IBEW, they still have union jobs with unmatched benefits and pension. Not the CV Techs that volunteered, most of them have quit and are now apprenticing at the IBEW and are building a future. I will tell you who lost, all of you still working there, thats who lost. The only thing that changed after the election is that management became bolder and things got worse for everyone.

TSG did not participate in that election. You still have the chance to make your jobs into careers. Sign one of those cards, make a phone call to Rick Fridell at 631-582-0342. The IBEW is in this for the long haul. They have not, and will not give up on Cablevision techs. Only you can give up on yourselves.

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahh, the touchy topic..If these poor people could only realize how badly one is needed here, but good luck in trying.

At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The part of your post that hits it right on the nose is the lack of a fair and impartial grievance procedure. When i attended union meetings at Local 1049's hall, they had techs from Local 3 who work for Time Warner. The phrase "if you dont like it here, then get out" was put to the Time Warner techs and they were asked if they ever heard those words in their workplace. Those guys shook their heads in disbelief. People that have union jobs cant imagine a place like Cablevision where you are always reminded by management of where the door is.

In comparison, grade 14 techs at TW make about $22 to $25 per hour. They have an employer paid pension, medical, dental, annuity plus a 401K. Any tech that wants a raise or promotion need only study for an exam that is utilized by cable providers all over the country (but not by cablevision).

But to TSG reps that get tossed out like trash, the burden of proof is on the employer to show you deserve the writeup or termination. And sometimes the hearings are held in front of nuetral arbitrators.

So get with the program TSG, sign a card and submit it to Local 1049 in Hauppague. Ask for Bob Podlaski, he is the organizer for Local 1049.

At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously, you and everyone who visits this site (except me of course) needs to jump off a cliff and end ur lives already. but good luck man...standing up for somethign is one thing, but be selfish n think about urself for once, start apply for real IT jobs and get the fuck out of that hell hole.

P.S. Peter Gibbons, you are a fukcing moron, stfu

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

now let's really get serious, you admit the place is a shithole but have nothing better to do but request people end their lives for trying to make that shithole a better place...are you from a communist country? The only solution is to move on, and trust me, many of us have, but you are missing the point jack ass. Nothing would make many of us happier than seeing management lose some of that complete control and ridiculous expectations, with no grievance procedure...something they are so infatuated with and so afraid to lose and it's everything a union would surely provide, along with many other benefits. That "shithole" was the worst work experience I have ever had (sorry I did not work at Mcdonalds before or after) and things can change for the better if your employees stick together and demand things be made better. Yes the job itself would probably still suck and yes most of us that were overqualified would still look to get out, but again the point is being missed by people like you. It is the way that I and many others were treated like kids that were grasping to climb a latter that was constantly kicked out from under you for something pathetic, no understanding of what the job really entails by our incompetant managers that only care about one thing, that burnout will kick in under these circumstances they have laid out, no understanding of family being first and that personal issues will arise because we are humans not robots. But who cares right, they will just spit you out after squeezing everything from you and bring in the next guy in line attitude. This attitude toward their employees needs to change. Issues and circumstances at work do arise and even if it had nothing to do with how good a tech you were, it was held against you, that attitude irks me the most about that place, and is something I will never forget. Yes I could have quit after the first sign of frustration kicked in, but it is something inside that tells you, no work place should be like this and I have never been a quiter before, why should they get away with this nonsense. I think it is you that must jump off that cliff if you are still working their and refuse to do anything about it, obviously you are having a hard time finding anything else.

At 4:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey phantom we already have new jobs and find it worthwhile to spread the word about a dispicable place with insane managers...especially with all the free time we now get with our new real jobs, besides I get a kick out of bashing that so called shithole and their are many still there that really do care and want to see a change, the answer to just leave does not have to be the only choice when you have put so much time in....yes it is worth the fight and it will never end because so many people get shit on and thrown aside like a rag. Organizing is in the air and will always be brought up with the crappy atmosphere and treatment of their employees, just to push them like robots. So if not while I am still here, someone else, or someone after that will succeed or better yet, they will sell and most likely have owners that hire management that finally understand, and if they don't..send it overseas because this country will have an employment revolution sooner or later and big business will have to listen, besides we don't need shit jobs like this, where their is no respect, no chance to grow, or a chance to make a living unless you live at home with mommy.

At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine a place where you were spied upon speaking your mind, where you were forced to attend meetings and not allowed to speak. Imagine being fired just for signing your name. The fact is that these actions happen every day to workers who try to organize unions and gain health care and benefits for themselves, their children and their families.
...enough is enough !
Come stand with elected officials and our allies in the civic and religious community and to declare that Workers Rights Are Human Rights. Let's send the message that it is a basic human right for workers to organize. When basic human rights are violated, it is a crime against humanity.

National Human Rights Day
Friday, December 9th 3:30 pm
385 Main Street, Babylon


At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ass clown cable techs won't show, they love being treated like shit....they are to afraid of of speaking out and being seen in public by their superiors for something they should be extremely interested in. They love working for that ridiculous company.

At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take it back, the very few good field techs that are left in that company and know how horrible it is to work for these pathetic people may show.....You won't see any chicken shit clowns from TSG...just get out of that shithole already or do something about it you pathetic clowns

At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need a Union now!!!!!!!

At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Phantom said...
seriously, you and everyone who visits this site (except me of course) needs to jump off a cliff and end ur lives already. but good luck man...standing up for somethign is one thing, but be selfish n think about urself for once, start apply for real IT jobs and get the fuck out of that hell hole.

P.S. Peter Gibbons, you are a fukcing moron, stfu"

Hey phantom, what are you? A supe, a lead, no I got it, your comm desk material. A useless asshole if there ever was one.

At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the problem as I see it...

The majority of people here would love to see a union, and know that things can only get better as far as how we are treated. Pride and morale cannot get any worse. The problem is that too many people ( at least the ones that are left and are aware) hope the few that are putting their asses on the line and doing everything in "legal" terms to make this happen, somehow get it done for them without they ever getting their hands dirty.... and it just doesn't happen that way.

Everyone needs to speak as one, and submit a form to get to elections and get the ball rolling, but this company is great at implementing fear and thinning out employees to keep any movement from catching steam. Then their are people who think they have a chance at a future with this company, but it's all a big deception of milking everything from you until you burnout then they sweep you out and do it to the next guy in line. This mentality pits everyone against each other, their is no team here...and it benefits no one. It seems everyone is so afraid to jeopardize staining any chance for them to get some time off these dreadful phones (you know who you are) and In the end, a whole 3 years or so when you see the obsessive attitude of management and all the nonsense that no person can take for too long, it is too late and the cycle begins again. Bottom line is; This is a billion dollar media company that treats their workers like ants, it does not matter that we are a call center and it's irrelevant. No normal person can take what's in place here for any length of time, with all that has been mentioned, and we are just expected to move on after we are burnt out and frustrated because we should just be able to take it right? F..that...or hit some by ridiculous write up that prevents you from moving anywhere within the company....that's bullshit!

So in retrospect, yes I am so glad I no longer work for them insane idiots because I was held back for nonsense and left to rot..I probably wouldn't even recognize that place any longer because everyone has since gone one way or another... it happens to so many people that are good workers but cannot deal with cablevisions bullshit very well...why should we it's a waste of time..No big company should treat it's employees as they do....I never was until Cable. I am so much happier again because I am treated like a human being again with a family, and am not pushed like some freakin peasant. It seems the only option TSG and cable wants for their employees is to get out and nothing will ever change...well that alone says everything about what they think of you.....

At 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bottom line, the worst job I ever had, no way anyone can make it a career with this company, they dangle that thought in front of you to keep you reaching, but the floor always drops out and you become bitter towards the company. I agree that you are expected to perform like a machine every second, and it is all just expected of you to give your all to the company before your family. The way they have this all set up, it will eventually get to any person. Trust me, you will eventually end up dreading every moment and desperately look to get out or away one way or another. Way to much expected for what they provide and no chance for growth unless you are someones niece or somehow related to someone higher up. The only people that stick around are the metric hungry managers that love to analyze every atom of your existance and all other faces continually change..some truly is pathetic when you are preached by people that could never do this as well. You will here the same issues echoed throughout most call centers, with the same response seen and posted over and over from management to the employee...just leave or get out If you do not like it, and there are many that eventually can't stand working for them and it just becomes a pay check and nothing else for as long as you can last....

It's a field that desperately needs union representation

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I finaly made the choice and I am getting Cablevision out of my house. My dish is getting re connected this Sunday. I get a new dish, a free DVR that runs 2 TV sets, a new reciever, an additional outlet, free HBO, Cinimax and Show time for 3 months, and $12 off my bill for 3 months. All for free.

Verizon gave me local and long distance nationwide on my land line for a flat rate of $34.95, so CV can shove that OV someplace.

I called in an order for DSL, I should get the modem kit next week. My OOL is coming off a shitty UBR anyway. OOL speed sucks in my area.

At 2:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dumped CV for satellite and FIOS. Won't pay them clowns a penny more. Got the 2 up 5 down for 34.95 and it is just as fast as my ool was If not better. no down time in 4 months and a steady bandwidth signal. I will eventually consider bumping up to 3 up 15 down for the same price, but I see no need right now. I am talking others into doing the same, spokesperson for Verizon now...the anti-CV tech...LOL

At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im just waiting for Fios to come to my town.

At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got my dush and free DVR set up. The picture quality is nothing less than awesome. I'll never go back to cablevision, not for any reason. I cant imagine why anyone would want an ugly coax cable running through the house, bringing in a fuzzy picture, with the so called digital IO.

At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did the posts stop??

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so afraid to speak, post, do what is right and should have been done long ago? They truly do have their sheep trained well, or maybe the people that now work for this company do not feel they are worthy, and are just happy to be filling holes for so many good techs long gone, look at the leads they are promoting, I guess our talent is all gone....what a joke, and everyone is just to scared to say or do anything so it's life as usual in this pathetic place......

At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

because they have no voice, don't know any better, and are a bunch of puppets and sheep to a tyrant regime, you cannot speak freely at CV or complain. I guess everyone is just too busy taking phone calls and cannot worry about their livelihood or anything else for that matter because those 8 hours are so overwhelming...I know...

At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear that after the move to Melville that TSG became more intolerable than ever. I heard from someone in OOL security that TSG cant develope or maintain a decent staff. Geez, what a shocker. You techs have to understand that organizing is the only way to make TSG a decent place to work. And management has to learn that a union will stabilize the work place. It will standardize the whole structure of hiring, firing, anual increases, and upward mobility. Without a stable structure, all you have is a technical sweat shop, and you all have targets on your backs.

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The many VOC members that have left Cablevision for better things are having a get together on Thursday nite 12/06 at Mighty Quinns on Main street in Bay Shore at 7:00.

You all must remember the VOC, you know the guys that sacrifised and risked their jobs to educate all of you. The guys that gave their all to make things better for all of you.

The guys that moved on to better things after being screwed by their fellow employees. Most of the field services VOC have gone on to Local 1049 and Keyspan. I myself have been working as a Senior Network Administrator since leaving that shithole called TSG.

Respect is a sweet thing, and its something you will never get at TSG. Unless you organize a union.

I cant wait to see Rick, Pod, Paddy and all my buddies from the VOC. Those times were educational and rewarding. Regardless of the outcome, it was worth every minute. Anybody in the TSG VOC is invited. See you there.

At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Patriot wrote:

Well I figured it was time to post again since my departure 9 months ago from TSG. That horrible place I worked for (seems like ages ago since I have been set free and have my life back again) was mentioned on a few occasions here at my new job, and all I could do is shrug my shoulders and laugh. Plenty has happened to me since then and it is all good. Thus, I feel I should do a final post. I can only imagine what that place must look like today. I hear they are now in Melville, and god only knows if their is anyone left I can remember. If so...I feel for you, I honestly do. A job cannot get any more rotten as that one was.

Let me begin by saying I was always a respected Tech and was friendly with all I worked with. I had very good stats for as long as I could tolerate being on the phones non-stop. Eventually my hold and wrap suffered as well as personal time off the phones. I was pleading for help in many ways when burnout kicked in, and tried all that I could to get a break but was hounded or denied my every attempt. I was told on many occasions I would make a great lead, or great instructor, but by then I was to far gone to turn it around to where I was when I first started. I had nothing left to give them. After 4 years of accumulating burnout, bullshit write ups, micro managing every second and every breath I spoke, I just could not take it anymore to the point I did not care how they got rid of me or how I exited the company. It was not so much taking the calls, I could get through that, although staffing was always a problem, but the environment and expectations that get to you the most. For many things I remember, it really was not reasonable. I think many that have since gone can relate to that horrible feeling. It feels as if those 4 years were a nightmare, for I have never been treated like that before.

I and many others knew I was more than qualified to do more than phone support,but they make it so difficult to in even giving you a chance..they dangle it in front of you like raw meat in front of a starving dog and you will trample over your co-workers to get it...It was encouraged, and trust me, I was constantly looking to get out, but the IT field was struggling at the time.

You see, I began with very good stats and good intentions for almost 2 years straight. It was actually a pretty decent place to work, many educated people, uptrainings that gave you time off the phones...projects, a call volume that was nbusy but not insane. It gave you a chance to get good stats. But at TSG, it did not matter if you were great in 9 of 10 categories, If you were coached for one little thing, written up for being a minute late, going over your 5 sick days, even with a doctors note, taking a break because you really are not given enough for a non stop call volume, you were punished with a bad yearly review, a pathetic raise and more time on the phones. This meant you had to wait 6-12 months longer to even try and prove yourself again, sound ridiculous, most agree it was and claim to me to this day, they could never tolerate such bullshit, but I guess we did and still do without to many questioning it because of fear and knowing it will brand them in the eyes of management for any time away from the phones….why is that, I never had a problem questioning bullshit?

You have to be great in the only thing they care about...stats. Stats for something that had nothing to do with what I or anyone else for that matter, was capable of doing, and of course stats will increase in time, it's inevitable in doing such work with such overhead (management’s expectations). Seniority meant absolutely nothing but your end with the company was nearing. The way they ran that department, you just cannot sustain that level for very long, and I do not understand how so few still do. You are trapped, You will burnout and rot, If you are not given a chance off the phones before that happens, and I hear this mentioned over and over. No workplace should deny anyone a living, and hold them down because of something that would surely get to any normal person over time. Once you pass your prime and are not given a chance or break, you too will suffer and be shown the door like so many others, just a little heads up for those starting out,
don't get discouraged when the clueless blond or kiss ass rat with no technical ability becomes your manager, and do not get trapped with this job unless you plan on making changes to make it a better place for everyone. Honest pay, honest raises, honest breaks, proper staffing (which probably would not be an issue if they realized retaining techs is better than letting them go or quit.) They force you to think for yourself only, and stab you co-worker in the back...there is no team.

Anyways, I am now doing what I intended all along and could not be happier. I am one of several maintaining a global network and deal with all aspects of IT and across several platforms. I look forward to coming to work, not dread it and that is probably the beat thing that ever happened to me was being let go and finding this “Career”.
I guess things happen for a reason and they realized my abilities immediately, unlike that hell hole. Cablevision rarely promotes from within and it’s usually someone that was never on the phones and is clueless with the job and operations.
I am now treated as I used to be before passing through Cablevision.
Advancement is based on what you know, seniority, and how well you do it, not some marathon either. Raises 4% a year or higher, and best of all, piece of mind and not being treated like some high school kid and being written up for nonsense, thus holding me back. It truly was a nightmare to work for and I eventually hated every second and every fake smile from management, if they even gave you one. (In reference to that witch).

I came to a point that was pretty much expected, as I was let go for taking to much personal time away from the phones, 20 minutes average compared to the 8 they give you. I just could not physically/mentally do it anymore, I had not found anything to replace the job. They started watching me like a hawk, and gave me a hard time on everything including renewing my FMLA that had no problem the 2 previous 2 years getting. I just did not care anymore for I despised my job and the heartless people around me, even with a family to support. I had to sever my employment in place for sanity and relieving the stress and dreadful empty feeling. I was miserable. Two weeks of unemployment from CV, I found the job I dreamed of in this field, part of a real IT team for a well known fortune 500 company, right here on Long Island. I received a 6 dollar raise from what I was making immediately; In 4 years at Cable I was only making 1.37 more than when I started. I am treated like a human being, am less stressed, feel I am stealing money compared to what I had to go through at TSG, am respected, have weekends off, 9-5pm, unlimited, yes you heard right, unlimited amount of paid sick days, and personal days, anything over 7 straight is disability, up to 6 weeks vacation, Because they understand things happen in life and family is first, Holidays off, better coverage on medical, no hounding of every second of my eight hours, not hounded at all as a matter of fact, given trust in what I do, I can actually smoke a cigarette whenever I, Have been praised on many occasions in only 9 months, and a the biggie..."a pension".

My current company is one that is dedicated to keeping its talent, not squeezing it out, letting it fry in the sun and throwing it away, and they show me that every day. Does it not make more sense to retain talent rather than throw it away; I guess not in Jimmy’s eyes...mmm pocket, sorry.

My coworkers and I, currently have plenty of room to grow if we choose to, not because we have too or are forced to do something we do not want to do (VOIP), that equals extra work without extra pay...nothing is forced and we make certain we have fun while we work, nothing is rushed, as long as the jobs are done. And that is actually one of the criteria, they will even tell you to take time, take a break, because you need it. We have to take our vacation time, its mandatory! Even if you feel you don't. Isn’t that a great idea…Quality is everywhere, something I never once heard that from CVC, only heard the preaching on how every minute, or every day you take off cost the company X.XX amount of dollars, F*** you and your times,
My family and my health will always come first, and don't expect me to be some kiss ass, dedicated to my work only, robot!!

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Patriot...(continued)

Back to why I am writing this,
I have been praised so often that management would ask me if their was anyone else at CVC like me, but I responded, I am afraid most are long gone and already doing well. Which brings me back to why I was reminded of cablevision. We recently had openings for our front line internal helpdesk (Taking calls) and my manager could not believe how many responses he received from TSG techs..none of which I knew and noneof which were hired...LMFAO!!
Seems everyone has run as fast as they could from that place, people are just itching to get out, it has actually become even worse than what it was...One guy, our phone department tried out from Cablevision months ago, did not last a week..LOL, he was horrible in his technical ability, just became a cable robot that memorized scripts at TSG, did not know how to really troubleshoot, but buttered up the customers (really good at BPA) he was given no freedom of speech at CV and wa in employment shock..LOL..

So sad that the people CVC now attracts feel all they can do is answer phones, although our helpdesk is heaven compared to that place, and their Gestapo like tactics.
I was convinced, it has gone down hill, because everyone I knew would never attempt a job like that again, it has left a long ugly scar for many. The atmosphere at TSG just continually spiraled downwards, and it seemed people were leaving in droves. It became a torturous job, that did not have in ounce of fun involved during the course of a day. They were squeezing everyone's tolerance to insane limits. It became so bad, everyone I knew ended up leaving and ending up with better after they left, how couldn't they. If you could tolerate that for a few years, you could do anything.
In my experience It does not get any worse than the way that department had degraded to such a petty microscopic analysis of every breath you took. You were treated like sheep being watched by wolves .....nothing seen in such a prestigious company, not in this country at least.
I bet them people in MCd's are treated with more respect from their managers than you people finally were.......

Another recent scenario was someone here at my company having a problem connecting to the internet with his laptop, through a recently purchased cable modem. He waited hours and called TSG…couldn’t figure it out, had his friend that works for cable come over. couldn’t figure it out…The onboard NIC was disable in the BIOS, unreal, just looking in DM and Net connections would have told you that. You see the adapter that was showing, Cisco VPN adapter was a logical connection, not the physical NIC for those who need that up training.
But I understand, they don’t even have time to train you guys anymore because of uhm…staffing.
I don’t think there are too many people capable of working at Cablevision left within a 50 mile radius. Think of all that have passed through them doors.

But It's probably what the Dolan’s wanted all along to put even more money in their pockets and to squash all the union drives. Because they know a talented work force will eventually demand better in such an environment and a constant turnover is somehow cheaper and less threatening. The people they now attract somehow feel lucky to have such a job...don't see how that is possible....good luck with your 3 wasted years, dead end job at CVC, trust me, it is not even worth mentioning on your resume......

In regards to organizing,
I agree not all jobs need to be union, and my current job is not, but again their is no need for it to be.
They will provide me a future here.

As far as CVC,
I CANNOT THINK OF ANY OTHER FIELD, SPECIFICALLY THE FIELD TECHS and CALL CENTER TECHS FOR THAT SPECIFIC COMPANY, THAT NEED UNION REPRESENTATION AS BAD AS YOU DO. I see COMCAST workers are echoing the same things as well. It may be the chance to organize and gain representation in a field that desperately needs one. This could be your year to do something about it, sign a card and do not give into their lies. It will otherwise forever be a deplorable place to work for because most know they only care about 1 thing and it's not their workers, not even a close second.

If you plan on staying, have been trapped, surviving day by day, or are one of the very few that have been their more than 3 years, trust me, better act as one voice and get some representation that will make Cablevision, a media giant, a job you can stay until you retire, because they don’t want it to be, and will never do it voluntarily......

Good luck to all in whatever your choice is, leaving or make a stand,
the only two choices I SEE AT THE MOMENT because their sure as hell is no future for all your hard work……

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