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An insider's view of the OOL technical support call center. I am an OOL techical support representative and I've created this blog to give you an insight into the workings of the call center as well as help you get inside the mind of the guy who is helping you.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


You deal with all sorts of customers in this job. They run the gamut from the petty tyrant who takes out his frustrations on the poor sap on the other end of the phone and feels like a big man (or woman) when he curses at him or belittles him, to the people who are genuinely happy and grateful that you helped them.

It is the latter customer I'd like to salute. When a customer calls in and is pleasant and willing to work with me and I do my best to solve their problem, most of the time both of us walk away happy. That is the customer I try to think about on the ride home after a long shift.

And the others? Well, they gave their name and address. Keep that in mind the next time you are rude, demanding, condescending or just plain nasty to a tech. Remember, you're not talking to a far away Indian and now He knows where you live...

Hey, don't be taking this as a threat, it's reality, you really don't know to whom you are speaking with. Your tech may be a former postal worker. But don't worry about me, at the worst a tough customer might make me take a break to cool off and then I'll go home and take out my frustrations on the characters in GTA.


At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I call support something is genuinely busted and I am always calm about it. The techs are always shocked and pleased and say so, and most of the time have fixed the issue even if it took some time ( as in being a free beta tester for IO and DVR service )Hey, you didn't break it why should I treat you badly. Glad you put this blog up and keep us informed. Tell the truth I am happy with Cablevision's services and glad they cap these download pirates so the rest of us can get decent speeds when we need it.

At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While my problem is not with the CSR's, my problem is with the information/scripts they are given to spew. I have had many a problem with the DVR, and I am always told the problem is on my end, the hardware and software work great followed by a request for a service call...

OOL CSRs have always been fairly enjoyable and upto date on the problems in the area, though I usually run my own tests and wait an hour before calling in.

As for OV, my co-worker has it and sounds awfully robotic so I will pass for now and stick with my portable Vonage phone service.

Keep up the great blog, try not to sound like all us angry customers ;-) atleast you get your cable services for free while we are the most expensive paid beta's in the country.


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