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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Optimum status page

My OOL is down, why does the Optimum status page say "All systems go"?

The status page is useless. IMO it was created by management just so they can tick off a mark on a checklist: "Has online status page?" CHECK

The status page is only for large scale outages such as entire UBRs or mail issues. So if you are in one of the outages as described in How it works(99% of the outages) you can forget about finding it on the status page.

Such large scale issues are usually discovered by the call center and only when the queue shoots up quickly. Some investigation needs to be done to see why the queue is going up. When the Comm Desk , who monitors incoming tickets, finally figures out from the calls what is happening, they declare the outage and alert the NOC who alerts the group responsible. These outages are usually fixed quickly so by the time the status page is updated (by the call center who besides doing the above also have to post the issue to the outage board, alert the supervisors and page management), the issue is over.

You would think they would have better monitoring on such critical equipment but I'll save my rant on the useless networking groups for a later post.


At 2:41 AM, Blogger hagrin said...

Well obviously, you don't realize that the normal user will not know what uBR/CMTS they are coming off of, no less what node they are on. 90% of OOL outages are node based outages in which case it's almost impossible to have accurate street/house address mappings due to constant node splits to prevent saturation. How do you propose that they more effectively use this tool? Time Warner's doesn't offer much in addition to OOL in terms of a Network Status page.

In addition, the NOC does have utilties that do register by household which modems are on and offline. The tools do exist; however, the liability in admitting downtime, confusing the user and innaccurate data mapping causes the feature to be useless.

I sure hope you aren't a lead/supervisor/Comm Desk tech as you should definitely know better than to post this.


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