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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

How it works

On the various boards and mailing lists, I see many complaints like

I called in, they made me jump through hoops, I setup a tech to come and 3 hours later it came back on. Why didn't they know it was an outage?

A modems offline outage is declared one of two ways
  1. By the Network Operation Center (NOC). If 30% of the modems on a node are offline a ticket gets sent to the Communications Desk aka Comm Desk at the call center and they add it to the Outage board.
  2. If more than 5 people call in on the same node and their modems are offline, the Comm Desk will declare it an outage, create the ticket and alert the NOC.

In both cases techs get sent out into the field to investigate what is going on.


At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Punish3r said...

As a
level II OOL/OV2 representative at Cablevision. What also declares and outage is also 3 TCs in an area with 100 ( no sound/no picture) or 398 (all services). That is of July 2010


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